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Growing from Strength to Strength

It's good to make changes towards a better life with a little help. We get further quicker with someone alongside.
'I could be more...'
'Life's OK, but what's it for?'
'Where am I going?'
'If I could just get the headspace and get my life in order, I'd be so much happier...'
Sometimes our need to change is motivated by a sense that we want more fulfillment, purpose, to do 'it' (life, whatever) better.
Life coaching is the space to explore an imagined future for yourself - building on who you are and what you can do already, and going on from there.
Grounded progression. Making it real.

What would you want from a life coach?

  • Someone to encourage you
  • Who has an outside perspective, a bit of detachment
  • Who absolutely believes in you
  • Who doesn't take BS, is honest and supportive

    Let's examine the strengths, the aims, the needs, the support, the connections.... Let's set goals, if that helps; let's get you where you want to go. Always through discussion, understanding and agreement.

    I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching and have integrated this approach into my practice since 2007.

Be Your Own Life Coach!

It's good to start making changes towards a better life with help - someone who can stand alongside you, as above.

Then - suppose you learned to do it for yourself!

Let me teach you how to coach yourself -

  • to give yourself encouragement
  • take an outside perspective
  • believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to
  • be both honest and supportive to yourself
  • always be there for you!

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